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Developed to help creators turn their passion into their profession, Vyb is an innovative platform giving the power, money, & freedom to the artist!

  • Publish Content
    Share your music & behind the scenes content to engage the way you want!
  • Connect with Fans
    Build a loyal fan base of engaged & supportive listeners.
  • Get Paid
    As your fans authentically interact with your content, you get paid!


We believe the connection between fans and artists should be fluid and easy. Vyb at it's core is a social platform that fosters communication and encourages direct support with artists!

  • Join a Vyb
    Listen to what other people are Vybing to on Apple and Spotify in real-time.
  • Interact and Support
    React while you Vyb with text, audio, & video comments.
  • Create Vybz
    Start your own Vyb session to share your favorite music!

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